Patients Choice Nominees

Alison Young

Since I have been attending the Royal Liverpool Hospital, under the care of Mrs Young my quality of life has improved greatly.

I have a PEG tube in place up until going to the Royal, the balloon in my PEG was bursting every four weeks. I used to not be able to go out. My clothes were wet all the time.

Alison searched and found a tube that did not require a balloon. The difference is amazing. I can bend over to do my shoes and travel with no fear. If I have a problem I know the gastroenterology team are only a phone call away.

I have never had this much support in the nine years I have had my PEG tube

Mark Batterbury, Consultant Ophthalmologist - The gift of sight to a Paralympic Gold & Silver Medallist.

Mr Batterbury is truly deserving of this award. He has gone above and beyond with exceptional care and compassion. Finding out I needed to have a corneal transplant was a shock in its self, due to a degenerative eye condition I have, but being a Paralympic swimmer training for my first Paralympic Games made it all a little bit trickier.

Once having the transplant this would require an extended period of time out of the water and participating in any exercise. Mr Batterbury fully understood how intense my training was at the time and how I had dreams of making the Paralympic Games team. With this in mind we put the transplant on hold for the time being but he ensured I had regular follow ups to monitor the cornea in the meantime to ensure I was still suitable for the transplant.

I went on to fulfil my dreams of going to the Paralympic Games in Rio and came away with a Gold & Silver medal. A month after my return I was fortunate enough to be given the go ahead to be given the gift of sight from a donor which I can’t thank them enough for. Mr Batterbury performed my operation and the care from himself and his team was exceptional.

I am now 7 months post op and back into training after a phased returned thanks to Mr Batterbury and St. Pauls. I really can’t thank him enough for the exceptional care I received.

Pancreatic Specialist Unit – Expertise, treatment and care second to none

I write in high praise of the pancreatic surgical specialist unit where my husband recently received the best possible surgery and care.

Following ongoing appointments with our local G.P in North Wales, since November 2015 and because of continual pain, we asked for a private conversation with a gastroenterologist in April 2016. We were told there was a six month wait but were referred to the Royal Liverpool in July 2016.

From the 1st appointment and subsequent meetings with Mr Halloran, a wonderful surgeon and our specialist nurse we finally felt in safe hands – and this certainly proved to be the case. The expertise, treatment and care received and the support we as a family received was second to none.

My husband is shortly to start a course of chemotherapy at our local cancer unit. This will be overseen by the specialist team in Liverpool and we will continue to have their support. We feel happy that he will have excellent treatment at our local cancer unit and will make a full recovery.

As a family, we say a huge thank-you. We sing your praises all the time here in North Wales and will always be grateful to everyone who helped us through this unexpected and traumatic time. Mr Holloran at the end of the surgery phoned me personally to let me know how things had gone (our hero!) how thoughtful.

Phil Whelan, Macmillan Pancreatic Specialist Nurse - Positive and Compassionate Care, both pre-operation and post

Nominated by several patients, their testimonies are below;

Phil has been absolutely fantastic, giving us the support, reassurance, care and general upbeat attitude to beat this cancer we so needed. After the operation and due to the excellent patient care my partner received whilst in hospital, we decided to stay with the Royal rather than switch to our local hospital and continue to return to see Phil every 3 months. Each and every time we visit the Royal it’s so obvious to see how busy Phil is, but he always makes us feel at ease and come away with only positive thoughts. Thank-you Phil for all the fantastic work you do every day!

Prior to surgery I meet Phil, he explained in detail the operation, providing my family and I with clinical information and knowledge of the procedure to come. He quickly became the face of the team, attending my pre-operation appointments and providing words of comfort that seemed to lessen the worries we had. On the day of my surgery Phil was at my bedside as I was taken to theatre, he kept my family updated with news and when I was back on the ward it was Phil again reporting the outcome. I am now on quarterly appointments, checking in with Philip who is an outstanding nurse as he has been from day one.

Phil prepared me mentally and emotionally for my operation and the 6 months of chemotherapy which followed. He continues to be readily available to answer my concerns I may have and gives me confidence to face the future in a positive manner. We, as a family, have always felt that our relationship has been meaningful and friendly and I am overjoyed that Phil will continue to monitor my progress and recovery for the next five years. I could not have wished for better care than I received at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

In the past year besides fulfilling his normal duties he has brought together a group of patients who have previously been treated for a variety of pancreatic disorders including cancer. I am one of those patients. He arranges for us to meet every two months to discuss how we can share our experiences to help others, also organising professionals to come and give us informative talks. He has managed to overcome many obstacles to set up a “buddy” scheme, matching up newly diagnosed patients with recovered patients in order to help them and offer support during their illness and treatment. Phil is an absolutely dedicated, highly experienced and knowledgeable nurse who shows great empathy and instils confidence and inspiration in his patients. He is so passionate about his work and has gone beyond the call of duty in developing the buddy role.

Specialist Liver Team - Outstanding care and compassion to patients and delivering world class patient centred care.

As a patient of the Liver Team for the past 6 years due to an auto immune condition. I feel this team needs to be recognised for the outstanding work they do for all their patients myself included. They all go above and beyond their roles by providing outstanding evidence based care to us. From what I observe they give all their patients the time and compassion needed at a very difficult time for most of us myself included and when recently I was given some rather bad news about my condition the team showed great empathy, support and a skilled knowledge base whilst helping me to deal with recent events. I truly believe without the support and professionalism from this amazing team that I would not have been able to cope as well as I am. Being a nurse myself I can see how hard they all work to achieve the very best outcomes for their patients and I am so lucky to be looked after so well by them all in our amazing Royal Liverpool Hospital.

TTP Team Roald Dahl Centre - LIFE SAVERS and people you should know in Life

The team have total commitment to the TTP problem, promoting the Hospital to be leaders in the treatments of this problem, they keep patients and partners informed of all treatments and any research that may be taking place regarding TTP. The whole team from when we first had dealings with The Hospital has been exceptional. They help in all areas of life being there when you need to talk, and for reassurance when treatments are taking place. During the past year we have had a numerous amount of problems, regarding my partners health issues but nothing seems to be too much of a problem for them to sort out. The whole team are an inspiration and are role models for other members of staff to follow. I do not suffer with TTP it is my partner, but the team go more than the extra mile to help me and to offer any advice I may need.

I and my partner are more than thankful for this Life saving Team and cannot thank them enough for what they have done, and for what they are continuing to do. We know and are aware that staff change, but it will be a very sad day if any of the TTP Team were to be changed, it would be like losing a Family Member. Please show our thanks to them by giving them a just reward and recognition that they so rightly deserve.

Young Adult Diabetes Team - LIVT1D - Improving lives of people with type1 diabetes through support and empowerment

Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition requiring multiple daily insulin injections, frequent finger prick tests and a fine balance with activities of daily life. It carries the risk of life-threatening emergencies like diabetic ketoacidosis and severe hypoglycemia. Evidence shows that a person with type 1 diabetes spends only 0.007% of their time with a healthcare professional, highlighting that daily management mostly occurs independently. Understandably, people with type 1 diabetes often experience psychosocial problems such as anxiety and diabetes distress. Peer support is a way to improve and maintain well-being in type 1 diabetes, to alleviates the person’s loneliness and burden.

A lack of peer-support groups for type 1 diabetes in the city meant that patients had little access to others living with the condition for support and encouragement. With this mind, staff members of the type 1 diabetes service at the Royal organised a focus group meeting with a vision to create a platform for patient engagement, collaboration, support and empowerment. As a result, Liverpool’s first peer-support group for type 1 diabetes, called LIVT1D, was created, as of June 2017, LIVT1D has 107 members on Facebook® and 117 followers on Twitter®, organised 2 structured educational meetings with over 40 members in attendance, held 3 monthly meetings at the Liner Hotel, on various topics and numerous social meet-ups. Steering group members have been invited to type 1 diabetes awareness events in neighbouring Trusts and local radio stations to share their experiences with a wider audience. The group has also been acknowledged by NHS England and leadings diabetes charities.

LIVT1D has had a very positive impact on my life as I do not feel as lonely anymore. I have made some great friends through it who are encouraging me. I am so grateful to the diabetes team at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital for this fantastic initiative which will go a long way in improving lives of people living with type 1 diabetes in Liverpool.