In 2015, we attained reaccreditation for the Health@Work Workplace Wellbeing Charter. The range of activity & support we offer staff enabled the Trust to get an “Excellent” rating in 7 areas of Health and Wellbeing.

The health and wellbeing of our staff is extremely important. We have considerably improved management information to improve our understanding of issues surrounding stress. Staff have 24/7 access to a staff support service, supplied by colleagues in Merseycare NHS Trust. We also have a comprehensive range of training opportunities for all staff to assist in appraising stressors in their life and providing solutions to improving their lives including:

Weight loss service, using our dieticians to manage a weight loss programme.

Workplace activity, enabling up to 100 staff to participate in workouts within the workplace on a weekly basis. Activities offered include Pilates, Yoga, Dancercise, Tai Chi and High and Low Impact Insanity workouts.

Specific programmes to improve staff health and wellbeing, such as skin cancer awareness sessions, “Love Your Liver” density checks and chiropody.

A staff therapy service has been established, which includes an occupational therapist for early intervention for staff suffering with stress and stress related conditions. The service also offers access to a physiotherapist to ensure that staff with musculoskeletal conditions receive early treatment. This service has been extended to include access to dieticians for staff with gastrointestinal conditions. During 2015 we also extended the Staff Therapy Service to the Broadgreen site.

Work continues with staff to reach a greater understanding of stress, depression and anxiety. We are improving absence reporting procedures in this area. Health and Wellbeing activity continues to work towards our workplaces being a positive force for good work in this area. 

The Trust agenda is set by the Healthy Hospitals Group which is attended by board members and action is carried out through the Health and Wellbeing Group. Detailed reporting of the various aspects of the health and wellbeing agenda continues to be done through Finance and Performance Committee and the Joint Consultation Group. Recent initiatives are many but include:

  • Improving the range of training opportunities available to increase the understanding of mental health issues in the Trust.
  • Introduction of a Health Trainer programme following good results with post-operative breast surgery patients.
  • On-going analysis of health and wellbeing activity to highlight the correlation between participation and improved levels of sickness absence.
  • Introduction to Mindfulness initiative to allow staff to improve resiliance
  • Improving understanding of sickness absence. This included the launch of new guides for managers and staff and a publicity campaign to highlight the costs of sickness absence and the range of support available. This included screensavers to highlight some associated costs.

The Trust has also been proactive in promoting the Freedom to Speak Up programme and is currently engaged in supporting Trust “Champions”.